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We believe that progress of technology and human philosophy of utilizing energy will lead into a New Energy System, which in our view inherently consist from the combination of 4 elements:


- renewable sources of energy,     

- smart grids,

- storage technologies

- electromobility. 


We are dedicated to use our knowledge, experiences and capacities to be part of this exciting development.

We operate solar power plants

We believe that solar photovoltaics as the cheapest source of electricity will play a major role in the future breakthrough of renewables.


We bring electromobility to everyday life 

In MyEnergy, we make efforts to develop new business and management models for transport which go hand in hand with the use of electric vehicles. This is also the way of our GreenWay project that introduces electromobility into a daily life.

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Achieving ambitious goals by extraordinary quality

From the beginning our aim was to focus on the high standard and reliability of all aspects of project preparation: starting from partners and suppliers selection, design of technical solutions, through the legal backing to a stable and motivating financial setting of our projects. We emphasize the fact that the outstanding economic attractiveness of our projects is apparent in their completion instead of their beginning by a strict focus on cheapest and inferior components. Therefore, we search for and cooperate with the highest quality technologies providers whilst the criterion is ratio price for value ratio and never the price alone.

Facility management of PV power plant 

ico_100_servis_modr.jpgLeave your worries to us... 

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Information about cross border merger

Information about cross border merger MyENERGY s.r.o. Poznámky ...

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3rd_Annual Renewable Energy Finance & Infrastructure Summit in Vienna

Vienna, 22th – 23th of february 2012. Come and meet ...

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Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Forum 2012

You can learn about our project on Hybrid & Electric ...

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